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 I remember being so angry at the fact 
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Сообщение I remember being so angry at the fact
Honestly, this is one of Animal Crossing Bells the reasons I couldn't really get into NH. Among my favorite items in NL was that you could just talk to the villagers and they'd always have something interesting to say about the city or at the time of the weather or what you or they were wearing and they would often provide you some job or a question after just a few interactions. I believe I could count the amount of jobs I have been given in NH on one hand and even though I have not played that much that they seldom tell me something new. I actually really miss NL's music but I Believe that is the case for most of us

I remember being so angry at the fact that Jane said my name was not as good as hers every time I made a brand new character. 1 afternoon, I made a character named Jane believing somehow she would respond differently. She did not. The weird thing isthey included sassy comments but in the completely wrong areas. Much like villagers sass you for speaking to them more than once every day, or being gone for 5 days or whatever. Sass me for providing dumb answers to queries, dropping you into a pitfall, wearing ugly clothing, etc..

Yeah that makes absolutely no sense. :-LRB- It's like the devs need us to focus just on designing and terraforming instead of really... you know, interacting with and forming relationships with our villagers.Sometimes that they sass u a little when u made a bee sting.

My sister discovered a dialogue between Pompom and Flo. I dont understand what it exactly was about anymore, however, Pompom said it's cool, while Flo stated it isn't. Then they asked my sister what she thinks about it. My sister said it is cool and buy Animal Crossing Items Pompom afterward said: Oh, even if you think it's cool, then it definitely is not cool anymore.

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