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 Balenciaga Speed Trainer Black White 
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Сообщение Balenciaga Speed Trainer Black White

There is no doubt that Balenciaga Speed Trainer Womens now iconic speed trainers have taken the fashion world by storm, performing regularly for fashion weeks around the world. Now, the brand headed by Demna Gvasalia has dropped the sock-inspired silhouette in an electric blue hue - perfect for enhancing your summer rotation and combining it with all your best fits. The sneaker is lightweight and ultra comfortable with its iconic geometric sole and tight-fitting upper. Minimal yet bold, the sneaker is decorated with the new Balenciaga logo in white.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer Red quickly became a catalyst in the ever-growing trend in the field of socks, with brands across the industry releasing their own tattoos with funky shoes. Now Demna Gvasalia has sportily updated the Balenciaga classic, this time with an inverted sock with logo details.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer Sale Featuring the characteristic geometric sole, enhanced with neon yellow accents, the shoe comes with a stretchy black knit upper for maximum comfort. On the shoe, an envelope was added to the "sock", which is decorated with the new white logo of Balenciaga. These sneakers are perfect for the minimalist as well as for the trend-lover and are guaranteed to be your favorite sport this fall.

The Balenciaga Speed Trainer Black White sock-inspired knit top is completely red in color. The fabric adapts seamlessly to the feet, without shoelaces. Balenciaga's text logo is on the side in black and is complemented by the bulky, molded midsole in the same tone. The dress-up style makes these seamless sneakers ideal for on the go. The futuristic sole provides extra comfort. Pair these shoes with a hoodie of Bella Hadid's new favorite brand, Spaghetti Boys, and the Balenciaga Ville S purse in Burgundy.


Вт авг 20, 2019 10:02
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