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 Baishan is filial piety f 
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Сообщение Baishan is filial piety f
Baishan is filial piety first. In the long river of Chinese history, there are many filial sons. Their relationship with their parents is very good, and they are very filial to their parents. Their parents enjoyed the joy of family life in their later years Newport 100S. Their parents were very lucky in this way, and some people were not very filial to their parents. The sentence that Fei Xiaotong said: "Children have to touch the personality of their parents in daily life contact, and then to bear their joy and be at ease." I do not fully agree with this sentence. We children should understand the personality of our parents in our daily lives and then satisfy them. However, I don't think this is a peace of mind. I think it should be a habit that should be formed. There is no such thing as uneasy. Perhaps some people do this to reassure themselves. And just in case the parents do something unconventional, do we have to meet the parents ��requirements again? Sometimes, when the parents�� requests are ignored, we do n��t have to obey their opinions Parliament Cigarettes, we can change them with our own opinions and They need to be guided very patiently. Tough measures can be taken when not necessary, but in general, hard measures should never be used, so as not to arouse conflicts between the two parties. Blindly obeying is not just a test, it is a crime. I once saw a small story in a book: there is a great filial son who is very filial and obedient to his father (the filial son's mother passed away early, making the filial son obedient to his father). Later, his father saw that his son was so obedient, let the big filial son do some very absurd things (involving illegal acts). At first he was reluctant to do something illegal, but his father was forced to die, causing him to obey. In the end, the matter was revealed, and the big filial son was imprisoned to protect his father Cigarettes For Sale. When he was released after his sentence and returned to his home, he saw a push of bare loess. His father starved to death shortly after he left, and no one could bear his father. At this time, the big filial son realized that he had done something wrong, but everything was late. Unreasonable demands should be rejected and forced to die. If this extreme method cannot be stopped, there is no way. When a person's morality goes wrong, death is not a pity. Reasonable requirements should be met, unreasonable requirements should not be done when closed, once done, then there will be the next time, and so is human nature. If the big filial son adheres to the principle of his heart, he also argues that this will not be the case. Once the person feels very satisfied, he will often do some extreme behaviors, because other things can't attract his attention. He needs some stimulating things to meet his needs. Filial piety cannot be blind, and there must be a bottom line in his heart. Filial piety is a wonderful quality, but the result is so disgusting. Doesn't blind obedience make life boring? Face-to-face with parents is also an episode of life. Not all parents ��demands are reasonable. We need to distinguish right from wrong. Filial piety has a degree and a bottom line.
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