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 s entered the finals. He scored a l 
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Сообщение s entered the finals. He scored a l
The annual basketball game begins! The whole school was boiling, and there was laughter and laughter everywhere, and it was so lively that the basketball court seemed to have exploded. "Come on! Come on! Come on!" At this time, Pippi snatched away Qingqing's potato chips and said, "Delicious, really delicious, this brand of chips should be very expensive, right?" Good things should be shared with everyone, how can you secretly eat it alone? "Qing Qing reluctantly deflated his mouth and ignored him. Pippi was a famous naughty ghost in the class. He did a lot of bad things. For example, he played football and broke the glass of the fourth class, which caused the students of the fourth class to be scolded by the class teacher; for example, Once he caught a big green worm and secretly put the big green worm into the stationery box at the same table. During the class, he opened the stationery box at the same table and was scared by the big green worm to scream. As another example, he put a piece of drawing paper with a puppy on the class teacher's clothes, which attracted all the classmates to laugh and laugh Cheap Cigarettes... On the basketball court, the players are fighting for each other and playing hot. "Wow!" With only one admiration, the door classmates grabbed the basketball Online Cigarettes. He quickly ran to his team's rim, jumped hard, and threw the ball into the basketball net. "Five class is 2 points more than the fourth class, and the fifth class wins in the first half!" The fifth class cheered as soon as the referee's loud voice sounded. Menmen was happier than anyone else, his eyes narrowed into a slit with a smile, and he couldn't even close his mouth. In the second half, watching the doormen classmates were about to score a two-pointer, he suddenly accidentally kicked his foot, a few drops of tears came out of his eyes, his hand kept covering the wound, and it seemed that the injury was not light Marlboro Red. The door was frustrated because of the injury and the door was very frustrated. The students also felt that their team was going to lose, one by one like a deflated ball, everyone sighed. Just as everyone was worried, Pippi stood up and volunteered. He threw the potato chips in his hand and put on a very expressive look, saying, "I'm going to the game!" see. I think this is impossible, because a naughty ghost is going to be a little hero, which is really a big joke. But I guessed wrong, because Pippi really came on the court. To my surprise, Pippi scored as soon as he played. He is a tiger on the court, and his opponents have no way to take him. With everyone's hard work, our class entered the finals. He scored a lot of goals in the finals, putting our class far ahead. When he came back, we all shouted loudly: "Little hero is Pippi, little hero is Pippi!" After hearing the shout, Pippi was embarrassed. Later, our class classroom was dressed up with some accessories. Prepared for the little Pippi hero, there are several large character
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