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 ent cheerleaders gav 
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People say that home is warm, home is harmonious, and people with home are the happiest. I also have a "home", it is our class family, it brings me infinite warmth. I remember that after a parent meeting, our class held a parent-child outdoor activity. My mother and I rode in a car and came to a meadow to participate in activities held in the class. At this time, it was noon and the sun was hot. On the grass, there are countless grasses and countless small flowers, all of which stand upright to meet the sun. Around the grass, there are a few tall trees, which are green and dripping. Further to the side, there is a river, the river is clear and bottomed, and there are many small fish in it, they are all happily playing. After we are ready to bring our parents, the activity officially started-tug of war. We are divided into three links. To be fair, we had to take the form of girls vs girls, boys vs boys. The first round of tug-of-war is about to start, it is boys VS boys, including me. "Start!" A voice pulled the quiet twine. We pulled the hemp rope hard Marlboro Red, and the hemp rope turned to the left and right for a while, just like two lumberjacks, pulling a long saw to cut a big tree. Although, this is a friendly game, we are not relaxed and still try our best! After a while, there was a lot of sweat on the other person's forehead, as if he had no energy. In the end, they had to relax their efforts, we seized the opportunity, and used our extra strength to pull the twine across the finish line. Our team members gave each other high-five hugs, and the excitement could not calm down for a long time Marlboro Gold. "You are all men, you are the best!" Our parent cheerleaders gave us thumbs up. Immediately afterwards Carton Of Cigarettes, we started the third round of the competition: the parent-student mixed competition (all). In this round of tug-of-war, we worked harder, and we all exerted our strength to breastfeed: the students pulled back hard, and some fell backwards; the parents worked harder, putting all the power they could n��t normally Used it. We work together and unite as one. Although, we still lost in the end, but my gain was: we should unite and help each other not to dispute because of a trivial matter. On the way home, I looked around and found that the grass was greener, the tree was taller, and the air was cleaner! Thanks for the careful arrangement of the family committee! I have left good memories! I feel happy to have such a large class family! I love my home
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Ср май 06, 2020 11:58
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