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 Since God let me 
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Сообщение Since God let me
Since God let me come to this world, I should have my own wonderful, I will live my own appearance, I will be myself, be the best Cheap Cigarettes, be the best, you are your The benchmark in my heart is alive. This world is too diverse. Many of the standards in this world are too secular and too material. If you follow the wind, if you care too much about other people ��s standards, you will lose yourself in this society and make yourself a material slave and spiritually become someone else ��s. Servant. I want to stick to my own rules. Even if everyone in this society loses himself Marlboro Lights, I will go on my own path, and Gao Qing ��s ideal banner will move forward firmly! The best self is not alone, not alone, I will calmly analyze, I will take its essence to remove its dross, I will strive to improve myself, I will pursue a little improvement Didi correction, gradually build the best self . It ��s just that many times, some people will not understand, some will be hostile to me, some people will set traps on my way, I will only smile slightly, because, being able to face your enemies with a smile, I can be misunderstood , I have been treated unfairly, I have nothing, but I feel that I am still the best, because, I know I am working hard, I am improving, I am fighting hard, I am really harvesting This kind of gain is ignored by others and ignored by others, but I believe it has established a monument in the hearts of students, and I have won the reputation of students. Even if I still have nothing in the future, even if I finally fall on the path of my pursuit, I still want to be the best myself. Because being the best self is an attitude towards life and a state of pursuit. I like this state, it gives me confidence, gives me hope, gives me the motivation to pursue and struggle hard. People must live, why must live, must have their own faith, my faith is to be the best self Many times Carton Of Cigarettes, I also understand that if I want to get those "fame", if I want to be a man, I must bend down my waist, I must make my bark warrior dance, I must make my tail shake happily. However, as soon as I thought of doing that, I felt that my spine was so hard that it could not be bent. The straight sting made my soul hurt. I had to choose to live honestly, and to live honestly. Only then did I know that I can't control my soul. All I can do is try my best to be the best, not to lose myself in front of worldly fame and fortune. . That ��s fine, I believe that my spirit is noble, my soul is noble, I will continue to be the best self, even if I am scarred, I just want to hang on the statement of being the best self Engraved in my heart
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Пн апр 27, 2020 13:29
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