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 cabinets and platform 
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Сообщение cabinets and platform
On the noisy road, every house was covered with small red lanterns. On the square, huge red cloths hung on the large balloons, and the red cloth was marked with the striking four words "Celebrate National Day". Colorful flags fluttered all over the street Marlboro Lights, a scene full of joy. I took advantage of the National Day holiday to prepare to read more books and increase my knowledge, so I went to the bookstore ... The first thing that struck the door of the book city was the green trees and saffron placed on the corner of the wall, and the fragrance of the new book came out to refresh the heart. With the elegant sound of the piano, when you look around, you can't seem to see the stack of bookshelves on the side, which are full of colorful books. The bookshelves are high and low, and there are cabinets and platforms. There is a sign hanging beside each column of bookshelves, which categorizes the books. The contents include: modern literature, social sciences, life encyclopedia, and computers walking past the quaint bookshelves. Everyone is reading. There are more people reading than usual. There are men, women, old and young. They either stand, squat, sit, or ... under a round platform shelf , A little girl in a pink dress with pigtails leaned back against a brown bookcase, her legs were bent, her entire body was "N", sitting on the wooden floor, and no one was watching the novel intently. In her eyes, I saw happiness, doubt, anger and sadness. A childish boy in a yellow suit with his hands full of books on his face jumped and jumped towards me. He smiled with flowers on his face and flew over me like a happy bird. To the cash register. A grandmother with reading glasses and silver hair stood by the bookshelf Cheap Cigarettes, her hands stretched out straight, holding a book, her head leaned back, her eyes narrowed, and she read the words with difficulty. In the "Children's World" reading area, a group of children in colorful clothes are reading books with interest. Some of them sit on the ground, some kneel on their knees, some lie on the ground, and some open the book stalls On the bookshelf, his face leaned into the bookshelf to read. Originally very active, they looked at the book very quietly, and laughed cheerfully from time to time. The leisure area of ??the book city is full of people reading books. An older sister was sitting in a chair, sometimes absorbed in handwriting, neatly making reading notes, and sometimes closing her eyes and reciting something. Suddenly, a voice drifted into my ear curtains, "I'll take you to read the book tomorrow, it's too late today, I'm going home for dinner!" "No, I'll see you again!" The children on the left and right are pulling the sleeves of an old grandma to spoil. It turned out that I didn't even care about eating when I was reading a book Carton Of Cigarettes.
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