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Rockies news and links for Sunday http://www.rangersfanproshop.com/authentic-matt-moore-jersey , December 9, 2018ebble ReportRockpileRockies Game ThreadsRockies Fan ExperienceRockpileThe Rockies need to take action at the Winter Meetings to compete for a championship in 2019New,85commentsRockies news and links for Sunday, December 9, 2018back years in the process.What would an “All-In” gamble look like for the Rockies? It could certainly mimic a move like the Cardinals just made to acquire Paul Goldschmidt, but maybe something more subtle would be Bridich’s style. One way or another, prospects would likely be on the move, and a lot of cash would have to be spent. If this truly could be the last season Nolan Arenado plays with the Rockies, though, they better go out with a bang.Half of the baseball world wants J.T. Realmuto | Beyond the Box ScoreAnd what a bang it would be if the Rockies were able to land J.T. Realmuto this offseason. It won’t be easy, though, as Thomas Bennett points out in his article, half the league will be vying for Realmuto’s services and trying to offer the best deal to the Marlins in exchange for baseball’s best catcher. J.T. has been a rising star for years now—he led all catchers in 2018 with 4.8 fWAR and has increased his hard hit rate from 34 to 41 percent since 2015—and is as complete a package as they come with his speed, power, and canon of an arm.Rockies catchers slashed a combined .206/.307/.349 in 2018, and it’s arguably the position in the biggest need of an upgrade (yes Russell Wilson Jersey , maybe it’s 1B, I’m just saying arguably). Is it worth it for Jeff Bridich to likely “overspend” for two years of control of Realmuto? Well, it’s two years that happen to be in the club’s championship window, so it may be now or never...After Arizona dealt Paul Goldschmidt for peanuts, the Rockies would be ludicrous to trade Nolan Arenado | Mile High SportsIn the wake of the blockbuster trade that sent Paul Goldschmidt from the Diamondbacks to the Cardinals, baseball fans and analysts are divided between who “won the deal.” On the one hand, Arizona received three players with potential to maybe one day be full-time, above-average major league starters, while the Cardinals got a six-time All-Star and perennial MVP candidate with a career slash line of .297/.398/.532 and 145 OPS+... wait, no, it’s definitely that second hand, yeah, the Cardinals won the deal.What does this mean for the Rockies (besides thankfully having Goldy gone from the NL West)? Aniello Piro lays it out pretty simply—the Rockies would be wise to lock down Nolan and avoid a return on their superstar that, in my opinion, reeks of desperation. As I stated above, the Rockies should be in “win now” mode Martin Perez Jersey , and there’s no better way to do so than having no. 28 in your lineup. The championship window is open, and it’s not even closing after this year, especially if Arenado stays in Colorado.Yes, Rockies fans, it’s time to go all-in this winter, roll the dice on Nolan signing, and win that championship jackpot. Vegas baby, Vegas! These five were head and shoulders above everyone. Probably because they were standing on a mound..."Clay BuchholzI hope Buchholz doesn’t win, simply because I’ve already had to write two articles about him, and a third would have me leaning heavily on the thesaurus! So, pardon me if I simply repeat what I said about Clay all the way back... on Sunday: “No-one who endured the Lovecraftian sense of creeping dread which was Kris Medlen’s outing, can have any doubts about the saving throw Clay Buchholz provided for Arizona fan sanity this season.” We’d have been delighted had he given Arizona an ERA of four. That he basically slashed that in half, setting a franchise record for lowest ERA by any pitcher with 80+ innings of work, was one of the most remarkably pleasant surprises in D-backs history. Patrick Corbin If you’re going to have a career year, the season you hit free agency would be the time to do it. Corbin threw a career high number of innings, reaching 200 for the first time http://www.rangersfanproshop.com/authentic-matt-moore-jersey , accompanied by a career high strikeout rate. The 246 K’s Patrick recorded, was the most by any Arizona pitcher since Randy Johnson in 2004. He came within an infield checked-swing of no-hitting the San Francisco Giants on April 17, an outing already honored as the Performance of the Year. With a personal best ERA of 3.15, Corbin deserved a significantly better record than the 11-7 achieved, in large part a result of the offense scoring a total of 10 runs across those seven losses. Zack GreinkeAnother season, another All-Star appearance and another Gold Glove - Greinke’s fifth of each. He was simply consistent: two-thirds of his 33 starts this year saw Zack pitch between six and seven innings inclusive. But over a nine-game spell from June 23 through August 7, he was near untouchable, throwing 59.2 innings with a 1.36 ERA, and he had a record of 9-1 over June and July. On July 22, he struck out 13 batters: Greinke’s most in an Arizona uniform, and trailing only a 15-K outing, back in 2009 as a Royal, in his career. Going 15-11, Zack became the first Diamondbacks pitcher to give the team consecutive 15-win seasons since Ian Kennedy in 2011-12. Yoshihisa HiranoSomeone else I wrote about recently, when Hirano won our Rookie of the Year award. He set a franchise record by making 26 consecutive scoreless appearances between May 6 and July 3, falling one game short of the MLB record by a Japanese-born pitcher Delino DeShields Jersey , set by Koji Uehara. Had he not been moved into the closer’s role for much of September, he might well have broken another colleague’s record: the rookie mark of 34 holds, belonging to Akinori Otsuki (Hirano finished with 32, as well as a trio of saves). As a result, he became the first Diamondback to appear on a NL Rookie of the Year ballot since Ender Inciarte in 2014, and the first EVER Arizona reliever so honored. T.J. McFarlandT.J. was basically Brad Ziegler at one-tenth of the cost: his 67.9% ground-ball rate was the highest in franchise history by a non-Ziegler (min 50 IP). And McFarland got better as the season went on. After June 10, he pitched 31.2 innings with an ERA of 1.42, holding opponents to an OPS of .501, and T.J’s last home-run allowed was on June 4. His season did end prematurely, due to a bone spur, causing him to miss the last three weeks, but he still lead the team in relief innings, with 72.0. Save for that, he’d likely have entered the top 10 in franchise history for bullpen IP in a season - and almost everyone else on that list played for the D-backs in 2007 or earlier.

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