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 9 of 66 DeVante Parker’s snaps in GIF form; he ca 
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Сообщение 9 of 66 DeVante Parker’s snaps in GIF form; he ca
ught 6 of 9 targets.There’s a 69 joke somewhere in there.The TapeAnyone could’ve looked at the box score and told you Parker had a decent game. However Jason Sanders Jersey , the first thing I went looking for in the tape is how did he look. Engaged? Prepared? Rusty? Aloof? It didn’t take long to see that DeVante was playing determined football. 1st drive, Frank Gore makes an off-tackle run and you see Parker come screen right and collides with Justin Reid, then Parker goes and seeks him out again. Gore cuts behind him and picks up a few extra yards.Parker “rounds off” this in route, but there was so much space in the middle of the field and the cover guy gave enough cushion that it didn’t really matter in this “off-coverage” scenario. Sometimes rounding off the route ends up working to your benefit, as you see in this GIF, as I believe rounding off the route, if timed with the CB’s additional step into backpedal before changing direction, can take advantage of getting a better angle and separation towards the middle of the field. Long story short: not the most perfect in route technique-wise in a vacuum, but it works just fine on this play. The way Brock Osweiler whips his head around makes me think Parker was the #1 read in the progression, and DeVante had plenty of separation to boot. This is about as easy as pitch-and-catch gets in the NFL. If Jesse Davis could’ve gotten to the deep safety, there was a crease for a TD. As it stands, Adam Gase’s favorite play gets admirable results here. The blocking unfurls, giving Parker a nice pocket to get upfield. Danny Amendola and Jakeem Grant both block well here and the design and execution are both solid overall. Nuances are there: Parker driving upfield before coming back to the line of scrimmage Kalen Ballage Jersey , OL not getting too far upfield before Parker catches it (can’t be getting a stupid “ineligible man downfield” call), play called to the wide side of the field with more space for a screen to be effective, etc..Parker literally sits down in the zone, making the catch as he plops down on his derriere. It’s hard to tell what would’ve happened on this play, but if this ball hits him on the inside hash he might be scoring on this one, too. The safety, in my opinion, reacts a bit late and takes an aggressive angle - an on-target throw here capitalizes on this, possibly with 6 points. The ball is behind, he drops his momentum to make a sliding-ish catch, and the Dolphins settle for a nice 17-yard gain.The safety totally bites on Amendola, and Parker’s 9 route is open. In my opinion, illegal contact or defensive holding could’ve easily been called: before the pass Durham Smythe Jersey , at the 47 yard line, Parker moves inside and the CB clearly uses his left arm/hand to slow him down. However, I don’t think it was enough to alter the outcome of the play - I believe it still would’ve been an incompletion. Woulda, shoulda, coulda.Osweiler looks to the wide side of the field, with the play design isolating him while all of the other skill position players were off to the right side of the line of scrimmage. He gets inside, and most importantly, he uses his size to create separation in short quarters. Osweiler fits it in a tight window and move the chains. DeVante wins this pseudo-jam by the CB, still within the legal contact window, he extends the left arm, almost like you might see a point guard in basketball do to a defender while getting an in-bounds pass.That space created by the extending left arm allows Parker to get his mitts on the ball first and not allow the CB to deflect the pass.Deep crossing route, Parker working behind the nickel LB. It’s a good ball by Osweiler. Parker is able to take the angle and get upfield for a few more yards. Too little, too late Jerome Baker Jersey , but a great play nonetheless. This GIF doesn’t do the catch justice. The picture of this article captures the left-handed snag by Parker here. I feel like I’m nitpicking here, but this is a ball you want to see him come down with. It’s a corner route and you want to see him use his size to wall off the defense there. At the very least, you’re creating a situation that can garner a defensive penalty if the safety has to fight through your body to make a play on the ball. Instead of planting earlier and getting vertical, he continues to drift horizontally, and that allows the safety to have the angle to make a play on the ball.Usually these plays happen against the Dolphins, this time it’s in our favor. This fleeting glimpse of good luck, of course, would be swallowed by the impeding doom of a Houston butt-kicking. But as someone who soured on DeVante last year, I enjoyed digging into the tape and having something other than bitter flavors when discussing our former 1st round pick. FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The rivalry between Robert Kraft’s New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins appears tame compared to the heated contempt expressed between Florida prosecutors and Kraft’s defense attorneys in his misdemeanor prostitution solicitation case.One day after prosecutors accused attorneys Alex Spiro and William Burck of lying in court, the duo fired back in court documents Wednesday, calling the accusation “scurrilous” and “baseless.” Prosecutors Judith Arco, Greg Kridos and Craig Williams want Judge Leonard Hanser to find the pair in contempt of court; Burck and Spiro want the prosecutors sanctioned.“The prosecutors have now gone beyond trampling the rights of Mr. Kraft and into sullying the reputations of defense counsel Mike Gesicki Jersey ,” Spiro and Burck wrote. The only explanation for the allegations, they said, is the prosecution’s “bad-faith efforts to distract from its own misconduct and from fatal defects in its case.”The Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office declined comment. TV cameras did catch Arco last week using an obscenity under her breath to describe Spiro. That happened during a hearing over a request from Kraft’s attorneys to suppress video secretly recorded by Jupiter police. The video allegedly shows Kraft twice paying for sex at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in January.Kraft, 77 and worth $6 billion, is one of 25 men charged with paying between about $50 and $100 for sex at the spa. The owner and some employees have been charged with felonies. Kraft has pleaded not guilty but issued a public apology for his actions.Neither the attorneys for the prosecution nor those for the defense typically handle second-degree misdemeanors at this stage of their careers. Arco, Kridos and Williams usually handle major felony prosecutions. Burck represented former White House Counsel Don McGahn during special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Spiro represents Jay-Z, Mick Jagger and other celebrities in various matters.The current fight is mostly over Spiro’s questioning, during the suppression hearing, of Jupiter patrol officer Scott Kimbark, who pulled over Kraft’s chauffer after one of the spa visits to uncover his passenger’s identity.As part of their undercover operation, Jupiter detectives watched live video of customers inside the spa. If they saw a customer have sex with an employee, they would relay that information to officers in the parking lot and nearby. They would follow the customer until he allegedly committed a traffic violation and then stop him, getting his identification so he could be charged later with soliciting a prostitute. The customers were not told at the time that they had been seen inside the spa.Spiro asked Kimbark whether he had told other officers that to justify pulling over a customer who left shortly before Kraft he would “make some (expletive) up.” Kimbark said he didn’t remember saying that and didn’t think he would. Spiro asked that question or a variation of it three more times.Prosecutors said Spiro knew Kimbark never used that language or said he would concoct a reason to stop the driver. They said the traffic stop was legitimate Cameron Wake Jersey , but that in order to preserve the integrity of their undercover operation, Kimbark said he would disguise where the infraction happened if asked. They said Spiro and Burck sullied Kimbark’s reputation by implying he would lie to justify a stop.Spiro and Burck wrote in Wednesday’s rebuttal that Spiro’s questions accurately reflected Kimbark’s actions and were based on the recollections of the other customer’s attorney, who had seen the officer’s body camera video.Prosecutors also accused Spiro of trying to intimidate Kimbark during a lunch break, allegedly telling the officer he had video of Kimbark saying “stupid” things. Spiro and Burck wrote that Arco and other police officers witnessed Spiro’s conversation with Kimbark, but no one raised any objections to Hanser that day.“Far from being threatening in tone, the atmosphere in the hallway was amiable and light hearted … to the point that Officer Kimbark even joked he would like to have a job working for the defense,” the pair wrote.Hanser has not yet decided whether he will suppress the video. No matter how he decides, his ruling will likely be appealed.

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