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 Under the reflection o 
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Сообщение Under the reflection o
Under the reflection of the light, there are tiny fragments shining and whirling. No one can be sure that boiled water is completely pure. After a series of measures such as sedimentation, filtration, and adsorption, the original water flows into the water pipe and becomes tap water. After being scorched by fire, the water bubbles and tumbles. The bacteria disappear with the steam in the struggle, and finally are sent to the population. But in the end there will be material that will withstand all this and retain it. We cannot deny that they exist. They are the strong men and warriors who laugh to the end. If we compare the original water to the life that came to the world, the sedimentation and filtration are the roughness and tribulations of life. Only by withstanding the scouring of small winds and rains can you have the right to be baptized by a big storm [url=cigarettesusaonline.com]Marlboro Lights[/url]. Only those who are determined and rushed to the end can last longer, enjoy life better, and laugh at life. Time has also proved this. Hawking, only three fingers and two eyes can move around the body, and is deprived of the ability to speak due to disease. He had been predicted by the doctor that he could only live to 23 years old. With the help of machinery, he greeted the big and small jokes that fate gave him with an optimistic attitude. Facing the cruelty of life, he always smiled and calmed down. Zhou Yu sighed "Being born Yu and He Shengliang" before he died, and left with regret. He possessed an outstanding literary strategy [url=salesmoking.com]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], and was fortunate to be able to reuse it, show his talents, and how many war tribulations he had carried! A generation of people will fall from this point, becoming a meteor flying across the historical sky, leaving only a dazzling but short trace. Life is like a single-line train, and it may be lost in a single derailment; it is like a chess piece, one step after another, and eventually all will be lost. However, we must actively accept and face the wind and rain of the future. Just like boiled water can't refuse the boiling. Because of the fire, the existence of plain boiling water and the shining of the fragments rotating in it. "Survival of the fittest, elimination of the unsuitable", the survival rules of nature always follow a similar principle, forever. Only the strong can survive and multiply, while the weak can only pass away in the flowing time and become a memory of the mind [url=smokingusacigarettes.com]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], a few lines of data. This promotes the development of society, the development of the earth, and everything. Without it, there is no progress, let alone the future. So, let us blend into this glass of boiled water and run towards the ultimate sparkle and ultimate victory
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