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 After entering the third 
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Сообщение After entering the third
After entering the third year, my studies became heavier, and I was often overwhelmed. When the night is quiet, when I finish my homework, I occasionally look at the night out of the window and get fascinated. It was another weekend. After finishing my homework, I looked out the window and couldn't help but think of the woods of the community. In this soft moonlight, there should be some scenery. The night was still, and the hustle and bustle of the car outside the window was no longer audible; Grandpa rolled over next door, snoring intermittently. I gently opened the door and went out. There is a quiet path at the door of the house, and only a few neighbors pass by during the day, and it is empty at night. On both sides of the road, several willow trees and some unknown bushes were planted, casting a sparse shadow and cutting the moonlight into pieces of various sizes Newport Cigarettes. On the night without the moon, here is gloomy and scary because there are no street lights Cheap Cigarettes. But this time it was good, it just happened to make people feel comfortable. The strangely shaped rockery was plated with silver white by moonlight, as if it were made of silver. Although the rockery is three or four meters high, under the moonlight, it looks like a fairy, standing quietly in the pond, making people feel quiet. The moonlight around is not uniform, but the distribution of light and shadow is very harmonious, like a weird serenade. The tree shadow was projected to the ground by the moonlight, spreading its teeth and dancing claws like a ghost. The frogs in the pond and the crickets in the grass began to sing, and a gentle breeze blew by their ears, forming a wonderful concerto. Think of it this way, the situation is so similar to Mr. Zhu Ziqing's "The Moonlight of the Lotus Pond". It's just that there is no lotus pond and dream-like lotus pond that "passes the head", but it has more "flowing water in the south of the river" than him. Only me on the road, walking slowly. The fear of darkness seems to disappear under the moonlight Wholesale Cigarettes. This world seems to belong to me alone, and I also seem to forget the worries in the day, and into another world, become another person. I originally liked the excitement, and I didn't seem to resist this quiet environment. As Zhu Ziqing said, "A person can think about anything and think about nothing under this vast moon. He feels that he is a free person. What he has to do during the day and what he has to say must be ignored now. Is the beauty of being alone. " I also only slowly enjoyed the quiet moonlight, so I thought about it, and I suddenly remembered that it was not early. Flying home, pushing the door open, the room was still dark, and my grandfather's snoring faintly came out from the bedroom.
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