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In the community where I live, there is such a little boy: he is tall and thin, with dark skin, and a pair of bright eyes, as if full of wisdom, as long as he exercises a little, he will sweat. , His mouth is very big, as long as a slight smile, the two rows of white teeth will be exposed, he is my little partner-Chen Cheng! Chen Cheng is recognized by the children of the community: "Sports King" Marlboro Lights, but, Since I learned to skip rope, he will lose every time I skip rope. Let me have the opportunity to show off in front of him: Hey Wholesale Cigarettes, Chen Cheng, you are better than me in sports, but you can never beat me when skipping rope! Chen Cheng listened, pouted, and was very disappointed. I said: "Don't be too happy, let's ride a donkey to see a sing book-let's see!" From then on, whenever I go to the community square to play, I will always see Chen Cheng jumping on the square Snicker in my heart, practice slowly, and see when you can surpass me! Unexpectedly, after two months, a Sunday afternoon, Chen Cheng even asked me to take the initiative to fight. At first I was a little surprised, but I thought about it again: last time, I jumped more than 50 times than he did. This time it would be nice for him to catch up with me! It ��s really overwhelming! When I think of it here, I feel refreshed agreed. The game started and I jumped hard. "Oh, the rope got stuck! Oops, I got stuck again ... Faced with this situation, I was a little anxious. While jumping, I couldn't help but glanced at Chen Cheng for a while, only to see him Jumping rhythmically, screaming in my heart: No! That's "running and jumping"! How did he learn? You see how tacitly his hands and feet fit together! Both feet are jumping up and down following the rhythm of the rope Parliament Cigarettes, This blends in with his specialty-running, which can be called the ultimate! When I was immersed in admiration for Chen Cheng, the referee's countdown awakened me: ten-nine-eight-seven ����Six ... "At that time, I jumped desperately, trying to make a few more jumps in the last few seconds, but I still lost. Chen Cheng defeated me 201 to 190. The referee solemnly announced : "Chen Chengsheng!" I lost, I lost my persuasion, Chen Cheng smiled, and showed his two rows of small white teeth with a grin ... On the way home, I asked him: "How did you improve?" So fast? "He told me frankly that since he and I bet, he often took time out to practice rope skipping in the square. At first, he could only jump more than 100 times, slowly , More than 120 times, more than 150 times, two months later, you can easily jump to two hundred times! The sunset shone on his dark face, eyes shining with determination, I Chen Cheng's little partner, his perseverance has always inspired me to surpass myself
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