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 Since Nan Guo escaped 
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Сообщение Since Nan Guo escaped
Since Nan Guo escaped from the palace, he kept walking every day! The days passed really fast, and a month had passed in the blink of an eye. But the coil still runs out. One day, when the hot sun was shining, the hot Nan Guo's throat was smoky. He walked and saw a small river suddenly. So, three steps and two steps have to fly over. After he drank enough water. So he took out the gourd and poured a little water. He walked for a while, and suddenly saw a person in front of him, Nan Guo did n��t want to care about him, and thought of a sentence in Buddhism that said: "Save one's life and win the seven-level float Wholesale Cigarettes." From that person, it turned out to be an old man, the old man belonged to him, Nan Guo drank some water for him ... gradually the old man woke up, the old man said: "Young man, can you help me carry me home "Nanguo said," Where is your home? "The old man pointed to the front and said," As long as you walk along this small river, as long as you see a big house, that is my home. "Nanguo said according to the old man As she walked, she really saw a large orchard behind a large house Parliament Cigarettes. Nan Guo carried the old man into the house, found a bed, and put the old man gently on the bed. Then, he cut a bowl of tea for the old man to drink ... At night, the old man woke up and saw Nan Guo sitting beside him, so he got up from the bed. Treat him with food he usually doesn't want to eat. After three rounds of drinking, Nan Guo told the old man about his hardship ... The old man slapped his legs and said, "Hey! I am a master of buns." I will teach you to blow buns from tomorrow. Nan Guo said happily: "Tuer visits the master. The days are really fast! The next day will start soon. He will learn fingering from the master first. When he is proficient in fingering, he will teach him how to blow the stick. Suddenly one day Nan Guo said : "Old man, I'm embarrassed to eat and drink at your place every day. Will I do something for you?" The old man said, "Then you can help me see the orchard!" Nan Guo agreed readily. From then on, Nan Guo, Bian Learn by doing. Suddenly one day, Nan Guo was blowing buns. After blowing for a while, many birds and butterflies were attracted ... This allowed the master to see that the tutor had learned your skills and could blow to the king. After hearing it, the king might spare you. Nan Guo listened to the old man. He went back to the palace and the soldiers grabbed Nan Guo and took him to the king. He said, "Report the king and bring the prisoner Nan Guo. "The king said:" You dare to deceive this king and commit the crime of bullying the army. "Nanguo said:" Please be slow, King, and wait for me to finish a song and kill me! "The King said:" Okay-I will listen to you. If you blow it well, I will spare you. " "Nan Guo took out the bun without any haste, and blew it up for a while, and attracted many small birds and butterflies ... The king was like a mysterious fairyland, and the flowers and birds spoke ... The soldiers were like the king. After being in a fairyland and waiting for Nan Guo to finish blowing, it took a while to realize that he was in the palace. The king said: "Nan Guo, you played so well, then this king will save you from death and also call you the chief of the blowing team Cigarettes For Sale. "
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