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As the planet ��s interstellar diplomatic ambassador, I naturally have to visit a few more planets. No, I'm on my way to Planet X now. Despite the distance of hundreds of millions of light years, sitting on the new super light speed vehicle quickly reached Planet X. As soon as he got off the aircraft, Planet X ��s interstellar diplomatic ambassador stepped forward. The people here are different from the people on our planet mokingusacigarettes.com. They are upside down, used by hands and feet, and there is no distinction between men and women. They are all cultivated from micro tubes, so the population here is well controlled. Of course, the interstellar diplomatic ambassador in front of him is no exception, so he shook hands when he shook hands. Under its leadership, I came to the reception room of this planet. It's really thoughtful; here is a chair where people from Planet L sit, and a sofa where people from Planet sit. I sit on a wicker chair with the word "Earth" written on the back, and talk to it. The scope of our conversation is very wide, whether it is national conditions, people's conditions, or personal life, entertainment, food and so on. They talked with great interest. Time passed unconsciously. I probably drank too much water and asked for directions to the toilet. After walking for a while, all kinds of toilets were displayed in front of my eyes: there are people on Planet M, people on Planet O, people on Planet W, I have been searching for a long time before I found people on Earth The toilet, but I rushed to death. Then, I visited the Gene Pavilion accompanied by the interstellar diplomatic ambassador of Planet X. I saw that the experimental equipment in the Gene Museum was neatly arranged, the experimental report was sorted in the cabinet, and several staff members were busy Marlboro Red. The diplomatic ambassador told me that these staff members are now preparing to inject the genes in the horns and the genes in the wings of the birds into the body of the horse. As soon as the voice fell, I saw the staff extract the gene from the horns from one test tube and inject it into the head of the white horse, and then the gene from the bird wing from another test tube to inject into the white horse ��s horseback, and then this Only the horse pulled into the overspeed grower, closed the door, opened the operation button, and started the experiment. Through the thin layer of glass on the experimental instrument, I saw a creamy white horn on the head of the white horse miraculously growing, and a pair of snow-white wings emerged from the horse's back. I rubbed my eyes, I ca n��t believe that the unicorn that only appeared in myths and stories, and now the interstellar diplomatic ambassador of Planet X was in front of my eyes and accompanied me to visit the botanical museum, let me cultivate a Worry grass; take me to swim in the Institute of Underwater Biology, intimate contact with the mermaid; came to the baby's nursery, to watch the birth of a life is not early Cigarettes For Sale, it is time to separate. We gave each other gifts, it gave me a flower in the rain, I gave it a magic watch. In reluctance, I got on the flying machine, quickly left Planet X, and flew to another planet, continuing my diplomatic mission
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